Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Katie's Cookie Dough Dip & Trying to design my blog

Today's a great day - we didn't have school on Friday, so one more free day! Yay!
The bad thing is, I didn't gain weight yet (bwuah) and I went to my new doctor yesterday. I had to wait a FULL TWO HOURS. D:

Nothing bad, she just took some blood, which doesn't bother me at all. Taking the patch off afterwards was worse. And she calculated my BMI, 17,6, that is. :0
Apparently I have a little low blood pressure and, since my stomach hurts very often, I was put on a light diet. No chickpeas, no fruit, almost no veggies, NO CHOCOLATE.

So, what I'm actually trying to say: Katie, your cookie dough dip ruined my "light diet". xD

I made it for a party today,
(which I'll most likely not attend, because I don't know anyone )

but I already ate, like, three tablespoons worth of it straight from the bowl. Which is horrible. Because there's chickpeas in there.
Ah well.
But it's delicious, so delicious.

I'll definitely make it again and calculate calories more precisely. But it looks like it only has about 230 calories per 100g, including sugar and maple syrup, if anyone wants to know.

Now, to end this blog post: I'll try and re-design my blog soon, with a fancy header and stuff. But now I have to clean the mess in the kitchen.

See y'all! ;)

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